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节能技术已经成为发电的关键杠杆, transmitting and using energy more effectively

A growing world population, billions of connected devices, 电力驱动的流动性——对能源的需求正在增加. 改善世界气候平衡和我们未来的生活质量, 我们必须找到解决方案,在电力能源链的所有阶段,即能源生产,更智能、更有效地处理能源, its transmission and storage as well as consumption. This chain cannot be implemented without semiconductor technology; only semiconductor technology enables energy efficiency along this chain in every single section.

For 40 years now Infineon has been working on these challenges. 作为功率半导体的市场领导者,我们拥有全面的解决方案,并正在进行创新投资. Our semiconductor technologies help minimize losses, 使更高的设备和应用性能,并负责任地使用能源. We make green energy happen.



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Energy saving is a mission for the world

电力占全球能源需求的三分之一. Since 2016, 《mgm集团美高梅登录4688》一直致力于将全球变暖控制在与前工业化时代相比“远低于”2摄氏度的范围内. Every kilowatt hour consumed of fossil fuels increases CO2 emissions by around 490 g and heats up the climate. And the era of electricity will continue to grow. 英飞凌半导体可使整个电能链的能源效率最优化. 此外,英飞凌已经采取下一步战略来完成使命和 become carbon neutral by 2030.

Electric power generation

Electric power transmission and storage

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The power transmission over long distances, distribution systems for short distances and energy storage systems 因为可再生能源对于满足日益增长的能源需求至关重要.

英飞凌的功率半导体以最有效的方式实现了所有这些功能. 减少输配过程中的损失是优化全球能量流的关键. 最终,储能系统将成为电力时代的支柱.

Stable and reliable.

Electric power transmission, distribution and storage

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